****End of Summer Sale****
****From August 10th to August 31st we will be having our end of summer sale where all classes and seminars will be 35% off.  The sale price has been updated on our sign up page so please don't miss out and it applies to any class or seminar that you sign up for during the sale dates.  Again the class doesn't have to fall within these dates, you just have to sgn up during these dates for the sale prices.  Private class fees are not on sale****

We are in the process of adding our Skill Builders to the schedule as well as adding additional classes and seminars which will be up in time to take advantage of the sale that is currently going on.

We have updated the kind of ammo that can and can't be used with the Fighting and Tactical Rifle due to the use of steel targets so please ensure you review the updates.

We have also changed the name of some of our classes so if you are coming back looking for the Defensive Pistol or Rifle they are now the Fighting Pistol and Fighting Rifle and are prereqs for the Tactical Classes.

Private classes are available for any of the classes, skill builders, or seminars that we offer.  Also available are corporate team building and family events with or without catering.  A deposit is required.

Please check out our YouTube page that is linked in above for great videos of classes, equipment reviews and training tips.  Also don't forget to subscribe to help support us and get notified when other great videos are posted.

Cancellation/Refund Policy can be found on the About Us page at the bottom.

This page last updated: August 17, 2018
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