NEW for 2014 ! -More classes, More locations...
South Carolina Gun School is now offering classes, in Duncan, Laurens, Swansea, and Nichols! Check out our class schedule and directions pages to find a class in your area.

Reduced Round Count
In the wake of the political and economical turbulence surrounding the firearms industry, it has been increasingly more difficult for students to purchase the required ammunition required to attend our classes. In an effort to bring you the same comprehensive training at price everyone can afford we have slightly reduced the ammunition required to attend some of our classes. We will transition to some dry fire drills and focus a bit more on technique to allow for the reduced round count. Please see our class description pages for revised ammunition requirements.

South Carolina Teachers Discount:
South Carolina Gun School is proud to support our schools in keeping our kids safe. Teachers and faculty members can now take the complete South Carolina Gun School Concealed Weapon Permit class for only $25 !
Teachers and faculty members must present a employee ID or other proof of employment at class. Payment of $25 can be made the day of class. You must pre-register, all you have to do is pick  a class date from our schedule and send us an email containing your Name, Address, Phone Number, and selected class date. Send  class registration to

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