*****35% OFF ALL CLASSES and SEMAINRS*****
Ladies and gentlemen after seeing what has been going on and to help us all be ready for the fight we are running a special 35% off all classes and seminars for the next month.  So ALL classes from now until the end of the year are 35% for the next month as long as you are signed up while the special is going on.  Don't go without training to ensure you are ready when the fight comes to you.

Ladies and gentlemen SCGS is running a special on our Beyond Surviving seminar. We will be adding more seminars and have days available for private seminars if you would like your own. Come in and make sure you are ready to be more than a survivor. Any questions please let us know.

Cost is only $25 for any Beyond Surviving from now until the end of the year as long as you are signed up while the special is going on.

Students are free with valid ID or copy of class schedule

*Students need to contact us to reserve seat if wanting to attend

We are able to travel for any one of our classes as long as you have a safe place to shoot and we also are able to set up private classes.  Any questions or you want to set up a travel or private class feel free to contact us.​

Please check out our YouTube page that is linked in above for great videos of classes, equipment reviews and training tips.  Also don't forget to subscribe to help support us and get notified when other great videos are posted.

Private classes are available for any of the classes, practices, or seminars that we offer.  

Also available are corporate team building and family events with or without catering.

This page last updated: August 12, 2019
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