Our Active shooter training is done thru simulation right now.  We will bring our gear to you and help you learn to work in your location either with just you and your spouse or with a team of concerned citizens to ensure that  you or your team are able to nuetralize the threat. 

Topics of instruction will include:

How to handle an active shooter                    situation
How to work thru your location
How to work by-standers or customers          to safety
What conversations you need to have           with your church congregation so they           understand
What you need to place your people             or team
We will come in and assess your place          and/or team to see how they operate             so we know where to help everyone

Class Duration: 7 hrs

Class Cost: $350 within 50 mile radius of our location.  Further distance cost will vary.
This page last updated: December 9, 2018
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