Learning Firearms:  This is a great seminar if you are interested in buying your first firearm or you just want to learn more about firearms period whether you like them or not it is good to be educated on how the function and need to be stored.

Topics discussed:
-  Gun Safety
-  Gun Storage
-  Types of Firearms and Parts
-  Magazines
-  Ammunition
-  Sights
-  What to expect at the range
-  What you need for the range
-  Cleaning your game
-  SCGS training courses

Duration: 2 hrs

Cost:  $40
This page last updated: February 8, 2018
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Beyond Surviving:  This seminar will help you do more than just survive a violent situation. We are going to cover the 4 Pillars for a Dominating Foundation, show why surviving is not always going to be enough, common mistake when picking self-defense training, the difference between antisocial and asocial, as well as things to look for with self-defense training to ensure you not only survive but win a violent encounter.

Topics discussed:
-  4 Pillars for a Dominating Foundation
-  Surviving is not enough
-  Common mistakes when picking self-defense systems
-  Anti-social vs. Asocial
-  Why are thugs still winning
-  UFC fouls as the Basis for  Operational Success
-  All the reasons why you can't
-  Four Horseman of Response
-  Review

Duration:  4 hrs

Cost:  $80