The Shotgun Tactics 101 is a great class to help you get started with a shotgun and feel more comfortable with using them. Most shooting exercises are conducted within 50 yards of the target with the emphasis on close quarter engagements. As the day progresses you will become more confident with your shotgun and how to use it.  We will also discuss maintenance and proper storage for our shotgun.  You can bring any good pump, semi-auto, or magazine fed shotgun.

Important Information:

* Minimum of 2 students must be enrolled in each class. If minimum enrollment is not met you will be notified and re-scheduled for the next class available.
This page last updated: January 3, 2020
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Topics of instruction will include:

Reloads and/or magazine changes
Malfunction and immediate action drills
Failure to stop drills
Weak hand shooting drills
Multiple target engagement
Weapon Maintenance

Equipment List: 

•  100 rounds #7 1/2 birdshot
•  10 rounds 00 buckshot
•  10 rounds slugs
•  Any gauge shotgun
•  A good belt 
•  Tactical or Standard Sling 
•  Pump, semi-auto, or magazine fed                 shotgun
•  Eyes and ear protection
•  Vest or suitable wear to carry shotgun             shells
•  Hat, sun block, rain gear, we will shoot           RAIN or SHINE
•  Knee and elbow pads (optional)
•  Camelbak or water bottle or bladder
•  Last but not least a OPEN MIND and              willingness to learn

Class Duration: 4 Hours 

Class Cost: $150.00
Private Classes call or email for pricing